Sunday, December 18, 2011

What have I been up to lately?   Well traveling has come to a close, with one last quick trip to Rock Springs, Wyoming today.   I have decided to focus on writing patterns and continuing to do charity work, and help other businesses flourish.   I am also actually cooking meals at home, cleaning house up (Slowly) and well staying very busy.  I don't get as much crochet time as I used to, which is sad, but good too.

Below are pictures of my latest work.   My current project has me excited, but scared.  I know what I want in my head, the question is, can I make it work in reality, we shall see!

Finally, I have been really busy working on making I Love to Crochet a great community page.  
I hope to see some great things from this page.   

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Update Sept. 25th

It is Sunday, I am preparing for my husband to head to Houston on Tuesday morning.  I am almost done with a prayer shawl that has taken quite a bit of time, but I am liking the design.  I finished a scarf and hair tie set this week.  The design was so much fun.  I am definitely going to try some more funky yarns in the future to see what I can come up with again!!!

new set modeled by Mrs. Destro

close-up of headband / hair tie 
(Mrs. Destro could not model hair tie, as she has no hair)

close-up of the scarf stitch pattern

new set, different angle modeled by our illustrious Mrs Destro

I had to cancel the main raffle, and the additional donations raffles, due to lack of tickets purchased.   This made me very sad, but there were no tickets sold for the additional donations raffle, and very few for the other.   With postage for these items being so high, it was the only option to return the money and then give any money I have to my friend.

The Crafter's raffle has been doing marginal in ticket sales, and more importantly requires no shipping, and the gift certificates have already been purchased.  So that raffle will occur this week.   So if you want amazing gift certificates and some yummy patterns, be sure to check out the Crafter's Raffle.
I hope to try an auction and am going to have a weekly raffle for the month of October (weekly prizes will be shown on this blog - so stay tuned!

I am new to blogging so please bare with me as I get used to doing this stuff.