Thursday, July 24, 2014

A life after loss?

I get caught up in petty little concerns.  I get stressed out over bills and over plans that fall apart.  Life just seems so stressful.  And then I get a text message.  "Do you know what happened to Feike and his family?"

And all my concerns disappear as my heart shatters as it learns that a dear friend has lost his home, his cars, all of his belongings in a fire, but most painful, two of his five children were lost in the fire.

The beautiful angels, Zeph and Noah!

I can't imagine how one even breathes, but I know that living is super important for the three remaining children.  One of his infant children, Remmy, remains in the hospital in Salt Lake City due to injuries from the fire.

So, as I sit stunned and shocked, I wonder what can I do?  I spend hours trying to sort out what I can do to help.  And it occurs to me, a charity auction.  I can donate completed items, and I can donate some yarn.  I decide I can also ask others if they would like to help, or share about the charity auction.

So, I have a charity auction going on here:
Charity Auction for the Van Dijk Family

If you would like to donate just cash, please go here:

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