Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome to my world of insanity.

Today was a bit crazy - Ripped out the hood for a hooded cowl twice.  And managed to get two new patterns posted in the store.  I think I have bitten off more than this girl can handle.

I am organizing a CAL -- that has been voted to be postponed *or at least I think so*.  I have a contest going on at my Facebook page, Creations by Valorie; and I am organizing a charity auction for Cranio Care Bears on I Love to Crochet, and I am organizing a drive for hats, blankets and toys for Cranio Care Bears.  Tomorrow is a shopping spree.  I have to finish this hooded scarf and get as much as I can done on the newest mobius wrap pattern.

I also signed up at  http://www.sparkpeople.com  to try to lose 50+ pounds by Dec 31st (what was I thinking?)

In addition to all this, I have a house that needs cleaned from top to bottom, and I need to find a paying job that can support us and my husband may lose his job any day.

I am not sure I am UP to the challenges I put in front of myself right now.   Well back to the hooded cowl, and hopefully I won't have to frog it again!

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