Thursday, September 6, 2012

Why Art Yarn?

My love for spinning started with a drop spindle from ilashdesigns:  I began spinning and fell in love.  I watched lots of videos on youtube to learn how to spin using the spindle.

My first spinning with a spindle.

One of my favorite videos on the basics of spinning:
One of my favorite videos about drafting:

Then I started looking at videos on how to dye fibers.   I found lots of interesting and helpful videos, but one video stood out to me:  I immediately wanted to learn to dye locks.  But if I dyed them, how would I spin them.  I don't have a carder, and all I had was a drop spindle.  I started falling in love with locks - dyed and NOT dyed.

I began researching spinning even more.  I began researching wheels.  I found an amazing video that had me hooked.  Neauveau Fiber Arts,, had already caught my eye a year before with some very helpful videos about business questions.  So when I came across her video on corespinning,  I watched it every day for weeks.  I kept reading about wheels, watching videos and learning.  I decided that within my budget, I would get a Louet S17 spinning wheel, and then buy the jumbo flyer and bobbin later.  This seemed the best solution for me.   I began saving money, but then would end up helping someone else out.  I finally decided to do a fiber auction to raise money for a wheel.
My amazing wheel!

Unknown to me, a great group of friends got together and bought me the very wheel I was trying to get.  (Note: It still brings tears to my eyes.)  The wheel showed up at my house, and ever since, I just can't stop learning more.

Some of my first yarns using my wheel

So, today, I was able to spin my first Art Yarn and I am so happy!!!   I wish I could put into words how grateful I am, but I can't.   If you have ever had a dream become a reality, maybe you understand.

If you have a moment check out the wonderful videos that taught and inspired me!

My core-spun art yarn still on the bobbin!


  1. This is so exciting! You have a wheel! It will be a treasured friend for years to come. I know mine is! I love the art yarn! I can't wait to get my order from you. You really have a beautiful collection of yarns available. I'll check out the youtube videos as well. Thanks for posting!