Saturday, August 11, 2012

Contest - Creations by Valorie

This is a treasure hunt, Creations by Valorie style.   If you don't know Valorie, she has lots of pages on Facebook that she LOVES!  So, I have found some things that you have to find.

So, below are some photos.  Your quest, should you decide to take it, is to let me know what FB page you found the photo on.  The photos are numbered to make it easier.  Guessing is okay! So, here we go...

1.  This shop is totally awesome.  I love buying things from this shop.  She has 4 children (whom I think she thinks of as Monkeys from time to time); which keep her busy (when she isn't working).  How does she find time to hook up great things like this awesome hot wheels carry bag?

2.  This lady just LOVES Buttons.  But who doesn't love buttons.  She also does amazing things with a hook and loves to embellish!

3.  This lady is so Clever with all of her work.  I just love to see the new things she comes up with!

4.  One of my favorite pages, one of my favorite blogs.  She Expresses things so well in word, with dyes and with a needle.

5.  This lady makes Hats and More and just totally blows me away.  When she isn't busy with her crafts she is busy teaching our next generation!

6.  This lady is so awesome.  (and her son is totally my buddy).   She does great things with a hook and thread or yarn.  She amazes me with her Crafts!

7.  This lady feels like a long lost sister.  She is immensely talented and creates Magic with a Hook!

8.  This lady has a knack for creating logos!  Has some awesome patterns!  Does great things with a hook and is just all around talented!  Do You know her page?

9.  One really GREAT lady who always seem Madly Busy!

10.  One of my favorite people who does wonders with a camera, great things with yarn, and spins up some AWESOME yarn!  She works well with me on some fun fiber projects!

11. A great shop for patterns (or custom orders when you are lazy like my and want someone else to make it for you!  Her work is totally Fancy!

12.  One of my favorite fiber shops!  She has Fine yarn!

13.  And a special one -- this is something I purchased from a FB page.....  Sorry no hints for this one!

The winner will receive 1 free pattern of choice; 1 skein of handspun yarn; and a shopping spree of 5 photos on I Love to Crochet!  Winners will be drawn from successful treasure hunters!  So you don't "Give Away" the answers.  Feel free to email them to; however please post below at least "answers emailed in".   Thank you and good luck to everyone.  You have until Monday morning 9am PST!


  1. wow.... one of them was awfully hard :)
    but answers are sent

  2. I'm sending mine right now. :)

  3. Due to severe lack of entries I am not going to draw a winner, but instead offer the prize pack to all 5 entrants! Congratulations winners!

  4. What a great contest this was!! I did email my answers:)