Sunday, August 19, 2012

My trip to Sun Gate Alpaca Farm

My first impression was WOW this is one clean farm.  And it is definitely that - VERY clean!  The alpacas are so beautiful and such a wide range of colors.  I think the owners, Penny and Paul are two really awesome people.   I am so excited to find an alpaca farm so close to where I live (about 20 - 30 minutes from my house, depending upon weather and traffic.

Sun Gate Alpaca Farm has a very nice shop where one can get all kinds of things made from Alpaca fiber, including incredibly luxurious yarn.   They skirt their fleeces, and then process some fiber into roving; send some to a mill for yarn; and provide some to a local coop.  I am excited to be able to buy and work with local roving!   Hopefully I will be able to provide some pictures of new yarns soon - made from this incredible roving.

Links that may be helpful:
Yarns available:

If you have questions, please take a moment and call or email.   Their fibers are so luxurious.  I will update soon with photos too.  (Forgot to take my camera with me, so I will definitely take photos on my next trip!)

Have you been to a local fiber farm -- wool, alpaca, angora???  What was your impression?


  1. How neat! I have never been to one, but would love to. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Kara, you should see if there is a farm near you -- totally worth the trip!