Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How to choose the "right" yarn....

I have been asked lately how do I choose yarns.  Well first of all, I don't make amigurami, nor do I make character hats, or toys.   But the yarn you choose should be right for that project.

Examples:  I have Caron Simply Soft, I Love This Yarn, Soft Silk, and some Bamboo blend.

I want to make a character hat.    Which yarn would I choose?

For the base of the hat, any yarn would be perfect.  But for the add-ons, the best yarn would be the I Love This Yarn because it will hold the shape.

I want to make a shawl.  Which yarn would I choose?

Well, the Bamboo blend, depending upon thickness would be a great choice because of the drape quality of bamboo, but all of the yarns except the I Love this yarn, would be okay for a shawl.

I want to make a sweater for fall weather.  Which yarn would I choose?

The Soft Silk would be the best choice for this project.  The silk/merino blend would be great to keep one warm.  Moisture would fall off, instead of being sucked into the project.  And it is next to skin soft.  You could use any of the yarns, but the Soft Silk would be the best choice.

I want to make a winter beanie. Which yarn would I choose?

Again Soft Silk would be a great choice, but you could use any yarn except the Bamboo blend.  Bamboo is water absorbent.  The last thing anyone wants to do is wear a hat full of cold water, so the Bamboo Blend would be a bad choice.

I want to make a baby blanket.  Which yarn would I choose?

The Simply Soft would probably be best for this choice, as it is a light worsted weight yarn, and 100% acrylic.  It can be washed over and over, but it also starts off soft to the touch.  The Soft Silk would not be practical in price, nor in ability to wash, as it has to be handwashed in cool or cold water.

So, when choosing the best yarn it is important to know the fiber characteristics of the yarn you are thinking of using, and comparing that to the project you want to make.

Some helpful links:

Learning a little about the fiber characteristics helps us determine which yarn to use.

What are you thoughts?  How do you choose which yarn to use?


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