Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My favorite yarns - well, today!

Handspun Alpaca yarn
Yes, I admit it, I have become a yarn snob.  The last 3 trips to Michaels and Joanns saw me leave with nothing in hand.  Why?

In three short years, I have gone from LionBrand Homespun yarns to yarns totally NOT available to me locally -- because they are much nicer yarns.  It is not because the widely commercially available acrylic yarns are not appropriate for crochet.  It is because I find extreme joy in creating something from yarns that are a dream to touch, and a dream to crochet with.

So, what makes a yarn "YUMMY" to me?  Fiber content can be a factor, color choices can also play a role, but what is vital for me is the feel of the yarn.

So I thought I would share some of my favorite yarns.  Mind you I have not yet been able to experience ALL the yarns out there and most likely will never be in that position.   So this list of favorite yarns is specific to today, and is likely to change tomorrow.

Handspun yarn from Fiber Optica
  I love this yarn from Fiber Optica!  It is so soft, and so easy to work with.  And her colorways are always so vibrant!

Knit Picks Shine Worsted
Extremely Soft Cotton Blend
 I cannot work with most cotton yarn.  It is usually stiff and just plain hurts my hands.  But this Shine Worsted from Knit Picks is absolutely divine.  It is one of the softest yarns I have.  And what is even more amazing is the softness does NOT change at all when worked up into a project.  This and Comfy Worsted from Knit Picks are the only cotton yarns I can use, but I totally prefer the Shine Worsted.

Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable
 This is a relatively new yarn available through Red Heart.  It is softer than many yarns out there, but probably the LEAST soft of the yarns I use.   However, I love self-striping yarns, and especially those with amazing colorways.  And this yarn has some awesome color choices!

Godiva Yarns
 The yarn from My Sweet Spot 2 is incredibly soft.  I LOVE bulky and super bulky yarns, and the colors are very vibrant.  One of my favorite yarns.

Tencil/Baby Alpaca/ Merino Handspun Yarn
The Fine Lime
 I am rather addicted to The Fine Lime's yarns... and This fiber blend is one of my favorites.  If I could ONLY use these fibers for the rest of my life, I would NOT be unhappy.

Patons Silk Bamboo

 I absolutely love the drape of the Patons Silk Bamboo.  This yarn does amazing things.

Valley Yarns Colrain

This is one really awesome yarn at a VERY reasonable price.  If someone were wanting to try a higher end yarn, Valley Yarns Colrain would be my suggestion.
100% Alpaca Yarn
I apologize that I can't remember where this skein is from!
 I am over the top addicted to Alpaca Yarn, and Alpaca Fiber.  The animals are beautiful, the fiber incredibly soft; and most of all no allergic reactions.

Reynolds Rapture

Reynold's Rapture is another good entry into a little higher yarn value.
Filatura Lanarota Kaleidoscope
 Unfortunately this yarn I cannot find anywhere but Smiley's Yarns in New York, but this is a really nice bulky yarn.
Filatura Lanarota Soft Silk
 Just like the Kaleidoscope yarn, this one is only available through Smileys.   I have designed quite a bit with the Soft Silk, and I LOVE it!
Plymouth Yarn Co. Mulberry Merino
 This yarn is my replacement for the Soft Silk (as the colors keep becoming "Sold Out" at Smileys).  This Mulberry Merino is uber soft, and so nice to work with.

So now you know some of my favorite yarns.  Which one is your favorite and Why?  And what would you make with the yarn?

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